Laid Scrim Advantages Compared To Other Textile Processes

The term “Laid” Scrim refers to our process of assembling yarns into a square pattern mesh. We use chemical bonding (adhesives) instead of mechanical wrapping of yarns to hold our fabric together. This process is best for sparse fabrics of between 1 and 10 yarns per inch. Our equipment runs at much higher speeds than traditional looms, which reduces cost. The product is flexible, strong, and fire retardant as well. Applications include scrim, scrim fabric, glass scrim, polyester scrim, and laid scrim, all of which are Industrial Fabrics.

Industrial Fabrics Tailored to Match Your Needs

At Scrimco Inc., we can tailor the process to fit a customer’s needs, and provide reinforcement for our customers products, whether they work with carpets, filters, tape, air ducts, laminations, non-wovens, or other substrates. We, like our scrim products, are versatile, and can accomplish whatever specification you may require.

Customer Service

We take the time to get to know our customers and their needs. This way we can provide a solution that is cost-effective and produces the desired results. We are a small company with a reputation for being responsive, agile, and smart. We are also a low-cost producer without sales reps or any bureaucracy that can get in the way of progress towards meeting our customers’ value objectives. Product design is essential to competing in any construction related market. We are a group of professionals committed to providing excellent customer service and products that deliver desired results for your applications at the lowest cost possible.

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